Emergency lighting

Emergency evacuation lighting
This part of emergency lighting that provides illumination for the safety of people leaving the site or trying to complete a potentially dangerous process before leaving the site Emergency exit (evacuation exit) road leading out of a room which is intended to be used in case of an accident.
Emergency lighting
Lighting provided for use when the normal lighting power fails Announced luminous flux of lamp Luminous flux emergency declared by the manufacturer 60 s (0.5s for luminaires for lighting zones for high-risk activities) after failure of normal power and persistent by the end of the stated running time.
Emergency mode
State of emergency lamp with independent power supply that provides light when powered by its own internal source for failure of normal power escape routes (road) Route intended for evacuation in case of emergency.
Lighting of escape routes
This part of the emergency evacuation lighting, ensuring that escape routes sufficiently recognizable and safe to use.
Internally illuminated sign for the evacuation exit
A sign that, where appropriate, is illuminated by its own internal light source.