Powder fire extinguisher 12 kg BC/ABC

Charged, fully equipped (valve, manometer, hose, wall bracket), with CE marking, EN3

(Outside diameter): f 180 mm
(Volume): 13.6 l
(Cylinder length): 600 mm
(Weight of the cylinder): 5 kg.
(Weight of the fire extinguisher): 18 kg.
(Contents of the powder in the extinguisher): 12 kg.
(Temperature range): -30C + 60C
(Maximum working pressure): 18 bar
(Test Pressure): 27 bar
(Working gas): Nitrogen
(Minimum thickness of the cylinder): 1.30 mm
(Material): St12/DC01
(Fire class): 43A 233B C
(Package size): 19 x 20 x 71 cm


Fire extinguishers are designed for fire ignition or initial fire of solid material which are easy flammable and combustible liquids, gaseous substances and electrical systems under pressure up to 1000 V under the technical characteristics of products


Equipment of buildings (residential, public, commercial, manufacturing, agricultural and mass gatherings of people, etc.), facilities, installations, vehicles and other machinery.


All fire extinguishers consist of extinguishing substance, metal cylinder for storing its vent gas valve with safety valve, pressure gauge (for fire extinguishers with module H), with nozzle or hose nozzle (gun) to guide the flow, label form of BDS EMZ, seals and accessories.
Fire extinguishers works on the principle of suppression of fire extinguishing substance to the fire under the impact ejection gas.